Homophily – Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Homophily is an interesting term – that you’re likely to befriend, talk to, work with and share ideas with people who’ve got common ethnic, religious and economic background with you. – (See more at: http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/2008/04/25/homophily-serendipity-xenophilia/#sthash.OEaaVKGb.dpuf) I agree that people with the same interests will hang out together, because who wants to hang out with someone who is constantly disagreeing with you all the time? Or someone who doesn’t like the same music, hobbies, political views, or life views? Therefore, the people that you hang out with will likely share the same views and get their information from the same sources as you. This may keep you very close-minded. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, I’m personally not going out in search of friends that don’t share any of my interests; we wouldn’t stay friends for very long! It is, however, interesting to talk to people with different viewpoints, because you will always learn something new.

In my life, I typically get my news information from Facebook or a simple, quick Google search. I won’t always dig – (unless I am doing a research project, say, on Google and Baidu. :P) However, when you dig, you find some interesting things. I typically have a million other things to do in a day, so I won’t dig too deep into something. Anything that is going on in the world I usually find out by word of mouth or overhear on the news that happens to be on in the break room at work. Is this a bad thing? To me, no. To someone else, it might be. However, its not something that I value. If politics and world news were something that I valued, I’d dig a little deeper. Plus, how do you know when something written is the truth? When I really research something, I always find contradicting views. How do you know which one is correct?

I fully believe in homophily; alike people will stick together and will likely receive the same information. However, I think its important to search out someone with opposing viewpoints. School is an excellent place for that! This class has broadened my horizons a bit and has allowed me to think a bit differently and seek out more information. Politics and world matters aren’t as boring as I thought, and digging a little deeper is good for you!


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